Way to Retrieve Mod

So since my arkdevkit died I lost all my mod data. Is there anyway to recover this at all?

Or am I left to rebuild everything from scratch?

You can look into the ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Saved\Backup folder, there should be some autosaves of your mod files.

Nope, It did a complete self wipe. Left no folders behind or anything.

When there is nothing left of the devkit folder i don’t think there is a way of retrieving the files unfortunately.

Yay the ADK killed my work

I had it happen twice to me, its annoying…

For future projects I suggest using setting up Perforce(or there is another one the UEEditor has built in support for) Version Management and probably a backup somewhere.

You could most likely schedule task scheduler to perform some sort of rudimentary backup.


There are a number of programs that can attempt to help restore lost data. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. You could certainly give one of them a go.

As noted, it’s probably worth keeping backups of your work. Either on Google Drive / Dropbox or locally, on a separate hard drive. I know that’s of no help now, but for future reference, it is worth keeping in mind.