Way to make cloth physics in blender?

Is there a way to do this as it appears that the APEX plug-in is not compatible with blender and 3dsmax and maya are just way too expensive for my taste
If there is a similar plug-in or way to to this AND be imported into unreal engine?

You should be above to use the APEX Clothing Tool with Blender. Go to nVidia’s site and look for it.

In my experiance its extremely hard, ends up needing maya usully anyway, and is a ton of work for stuff that isnt worth it. Capes maybe but clothes rigged look just fine when modeled correctly. Good luck.

Yep, you are better off creating a physics based mesh :slight_smile:https://youtube.com/watch?v=Jq0pB2Um_pA
Also very interesting: [Unreal Engine 4] Import a Skeletal Mesh with Animations and Cloth Physics from Blender - Part 2 - YouTube