Way to know if a tile is currently rendered on screen

I have a Paper Tile Map Component that I dynamically fill with Tile objects I create based on a random map generation algorithm I wrote. Only a portion of the tiles in the map component are displayed on the screen at any one time. I have need to know which tiles in the map are currently being rendered to the screen. I have the position of the component, so I can probably do the math to figure out at what X,Y position is the top left tile, and go from there, but I was hoping maybe there was something already in the component or something where I would be able to avoid performing that calculation.

I’m currently working in Blueprints, but I have no issue with working on the C++ side of things if that makes it easier. I see there are methods to get the top left position, or center position of a tile, but not sure if that could be used to help determine if the tile is currently on screen or not.