Way to find references through all BP's

Hello! Is it any ways to watch my variable using across whole blueprints? I mean I have some variable at one of my BP’s but same time I assign this variable at another BP, so sometimes it is hard to find this assigment. “Find References” is pretty same what I need but this option work only for 1 graph but I need work it for all my BP’s.



I’m not sure about watching all your variables using the “Find References” but you can use the “Find References” to search all your BP’s. When you first search for the variable and the search box opens, it defaults to the current BP. Next to the search box is a check box (forget exactly what it says) and if you uncheck that box, set your cursor inside the search box field (where it shows the name of the variable you are searching for) and just press enter to resubmit the search, it will check every BP for that variable.

Hope this helps!

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Ahh thanks! Was too inattentive and didn’t seen this checkbox on my 15" display.

Thanks! Is there a way to have this default?

“Find in current Blueprint” is the name of the checkbox. Thank you for this, saved me a ton of time and headache!
You probably don’t want it unchecked by default. It will take a long time when you don’t always need it to.

For those who are not sure. After searching for the variable, go to its “Find results” tab and Click the binocular like icon to find it in all Blueprints.


All blueprint searches work like a string name search, not a class/function reference search, and… it’s completely useless if you have a lot of similar names, which is often the case. For example, try looking for a “reference” to the Update method of some class. You will be horrified.

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