Way to delete level instances from World Partition

Hello everyone.

I have a question about how level instances work inside World Partition map. I created a level with World Partition and set a few level instances there already. Saved and everything is fine. However these instances were for learning purposes and now, since I am iterating further - I wanted to delete them from my World Partition map.

Now the issue occured, once I delete a level instance actor from WP map, there is nothing to save etc. And once I reload the map, this actor is still there. I tried to break the instance and delete meshes but that didn’t work either.

Do you have any tips? Did you find this problem as well?

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i used level instances to bring in content from ue4 world composition levels. i then broke the level instances to have them directly in the world partition level…but now i still have the level instance node in the outliner…unloaded. i cant remove it and i also dont find a way to load it even if i load all cells.

maybe our problems are related

I don’t know the way to load broken instance like that. You probably need to delete files inside the content to fix it.

However I found a way to delete an instance from WP map. That instance need to be empty. Then you can delete it wihout a problem.

I also have this level instances issue in a OAPF perforce project. We can delete a level instance in the map without issue, but after opening the map again the level instance is back. Would love to get some help here!

Try to unpin level instance from the actor before deleting it. Works for me.

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