Way to change level of dropped Fertilized Eggs? (Graph)

Hey there.
Got some Dinos that drops Fertilized Eggs but they got only LVL 1.
I use the event to spawn them in. ( see picture )
Is there any option to get a rdm level for it (between 1-150 for example) ?

It is creating a clone of the dino and making it into an egg so it will always be whatever level the dino that spawned it is.

Take a look at the Wyvnn character base blueprint… I believe that has the clone code that Poker mentions.

Thats what i want but for some reason it always spawns a LVL 1 clone. Doesnt matter what Level the spawned Dino has. Is there a way in the graph do get the Level of the Spawned Dino and set it to the clone? (See Picture)

Got it now. You have to get it in a Event begin Play and before the clonecode set a delay. But thx anyways

It works pretty good in the devkit but it crashes ark instantly. It doesnt even load the map (see crash-pic)
any idea?