Way to add morphs to existing mesh

Hi all,
I am using 3DS for my 3D graphics and recently ran into the problem that it’s morpher modifier only allows for 100 morph targets. If you want to do a customizable character, that may not be enough. The manual states in FBX/Morph section this:

The FBX morph target import pipeline allows for importing both a SkeletalMesh and morph target all at once, or importing one or the other individually. 

but I couldn’t find a way to do it

So I would wish for a way to add morph targets to an existing mesh by importing it from second FBX file, which must contain the identical basic mesh and skeleton of course.

When I’ve done this in the past (in UE 4.9) its worked fine.

That is, import your first FBX with mesh/skeleton and initial 100 morphs.

Then import your second FBX with the next lot of morphs, but tell UE to use the existing skeleton.

The new morphs get appended to the skeletal mesh asset, they don’t overwrite the morphs which are already on it.

This is how it worked in 4.9. I haven’t tried in later versions but can’t image its changed, unless it’s a bug.