Way are float on progress bars in widgets not supported in unreal engine 5?

When I did migrate my project from Unreal engine 4.26 to Unreal engine 5.0 did I get an error and all the floats that i did bind to my progress bars are not supported, but a node that changes collars is. is this a bug?

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In UE5 most floats have been converted to doubles, but old scripts still reference floats.

Confusingly, they‚Äôre still referred to as floats in blueprint with some indicators for ‚Äúsingle-precision‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúdouble-precision‚ÄĚ. It‚Äôs not immediately clear that there is a distinction.

You may have to update your bind functions to use doubles by changing the types to floats again and refreshing nodes.

How do you set the binding to support doubles?

But it does support Line Color and floats made from them

I just told you, you have to set each pin to use float again, even if it already says it does. That‚Äôs essentially changing float support from ‚Äėsingle-precision‚Äô to ‚Äėdouble-precision‚Äô.

it is not in the graph, it does not work in the designer, and I don’t know how to changes the float from double to singel. is that possible to do?

I need to float to go from double-precision to single-precision

I have exactly the same problem.