Waxman - Game and Movie

Waxman is an urban myth horror in a nested virtual reality world.

We just shot a pitch video for a horor film competition and want
to start this I.P. with a unique horror game.

The film is about Waxman, the horror game, and obviously, we want
to develop exactly this game, so both worlds will meet.

We will develop resources/assets which can be used in game
as well as the movie and need the help of talented artists.

For now we’re looking for specialists in
environment, level, props, texturing and lighting.
Character and animation department will follow later on.
Experience in working for film would be nice to have.

If you like to be involved, please answer not here, but email us
with some references of your work and your hourly rate,
which we will use as a base to calculate your backend points.

games@visiomedia.com Subject: Waxman - VFX

Allison Road