Waveworks study - sea restaurant part one

Hey guys, last past months I started to study what we can achieve with nvidia waveworks, so I decided to download an engine branch and start playing around and see what this can offer for real time visualization.

This is part one from my project, I’m going to start the second scene soon as possible, but this scene is the beach environment surroundings from of my sea restaurant archviz. I decided split the archviz in two different maps and projects in order to have things smooth, organized and have my work done. Right now i’m starting the part two wich ones actually is the restaurant, but I have no idea how this will be finished, to be honest can take a month or two ahead. But you can see the results of this part one here right now.

I hope you like, if have any questions about the scene or waveworks, just post me.

link to this artstation project with more screenshots: