Wave system problem

Hello guys

So I am pretty new to Unreal engine’s blueprints but I am really enjoying it so far. I am busy with a little project wich uses waves of enemies. I wrote my own wave system completly from scratch but I wanted to make it more tweakable and easy to use. So I putted everything in a function and changed the way enemies spawn. This is the general idea of the function (see picture). You can give diffrent inputs like spawnrate, wich enemy types, boss wave, and the amount of enemies spawned. And I am stuck on the last one. I want to be able to give a max amount of enemies spawned in the wave (e.g 10 enemies) before the wave ends. So I have to sue an array to count the amount of enemies I lready have (spawned enemies). Everytime an actor is spawned I add that actor in the “Spawned Enemies” array. Next I compare the spawned enemy array length with the “max amount of enemies each wave” integer. If the array lenght is bigger or equal the max amount size integer the spawn should stop. But I am not able to get it quit working. For noww, no enemies spawn at all. I debuged the function to put a string behind the spawn actor from class but the string never appears on screen. Could someone help me out with this one? Note that the function is far from done but it should do something atm.

Another problem that arises is that I can not use a delay in my function to control the spawn rate. How should I do this?

Thank you very much in advance!!
[alt text][1]