WAV Size too big, I don't know how to make it smaller. plug-ins that allow formats other than WAV?

Hey Guys I made an android game and it works kind of ok for now, the latest update on the Play Store is kind of broken but I’m working on it. But a major issue with the game is the Wav Size, all my models and materials are tine and that’s fine but I have 5 Songs in my game, each being around 3-5 mins long and the SIze is Enormous, 40mb per song, basically the songs take up 95% of the game file size. PLS HELP :smiley:

I don’t know for sure but I believe .wav files are converted/compressed to ogg when cooked…Have you tried changing the compression quality settings for the wav files?
I believe UE4 also supports .ogg files as standard but I think you’d be better off letting the build process handle the compression.

I tried importing the OGG File but it says it doesn’t Read OGG formats, is there any plugin that could fix that??? Also the game Install only decreases by 20mb even when I leave Compression on 1, nothing compared to an OGG or Mp3 file size. is this a dead end?

Ah, okay…In any case, it is compressing the files at build time so you’re not really gonna get any better than that I’m afraid. You wouldn’t want to compress an already compressed audio file anyway as it’ll sound like garbage. I would try to reduce the package size by following this guide if you’ve not already done so:

I managed to get a massive reductions following this…

You can change the Quality settings on the SoundWave assets to increase the data compression during cook. All SoundWaves are stored as 16-bit uncompressed PCM data and undergo some amount of data compression during cook depending on the target platform and the Quality setting on the SoundWave asset.