How can i use for free water in ue4?

You have few options for you to choose:

  • at Launcher you go Learn Tab and seek for Water Planes to download from there. There are 3 types of water and all of them made of blueprint implementation. FREE for use in projects.

  • you go…n-water-shader and download the plugin. It is an ocean based on Gerstner Waves with buoyancy, underwater effects and foam for waves and shore. FREE for use in projects.

With those you are good to go until more free stuff, including some I am working on will be ready at:…r-ocean-plugin - one version will be FREE for use in projects and another will have paid features based on the free one.

If you are still new to UE4, I would suggest for you to go with Water Planes first, then moving to the ocean plugin. The plugin has extra steps to make it work and also be somehow familiar with Visual Studio and C++ (just superficial knowledge is enough), and if you go the last post there is a tutorial step-by-step on how to make it work.

I am new to Unreal and have started with the Water Plane, it works fine. Use the blueprint translucent asset in most cases, it makes it easy to blend smoothly with land, play with the settings.

NilsonLima did you make it? How does the opacity/translucence material work (not blueprint)? No matter how I adjust it, it is just pure transparent.

What is pure transparent? I am lost on what asset you are talking here…

In the WaterPlane > Translucent > Materials folder there are 3 translucent materials. Even if I set the BaseOpacity to like 0,001 or 5000 the prop is still invisible, changing dept and height does not chance that.
The first picture is with the Lake water material and the second picture with translucent material, if you can see the water I need glasses, lol.

I will get back to you shortly, just let me make a small video (around 15min will do to explain) showing the translucency water and what to do. The correct water to use for the fontain would be the translucent one.

ok thank you guys

I am uploading the video and it will be available in 10min or so. Check it out: I hope it helps beyond what you need.


PS:It is up!

Oops, that was very nice of you. Unfortunately I think I should have asked differently, can I make the blueprint round shaped?

Lol, Was that all about? haha

You will need to prepare a mesh for that and change inside the blueprint, clicking on the plane and replacing by that square mesh. Be aware to not give too many faces for the mesh. You can use Blender for that saving the mesh as FBX and import into the project.

PS: looking from you private message, you are using a cylinder, so you will need to play with shore setting to make the material invisible at the border. I have shown to you in that video how fresnel node works.


I have made some experiments and I mixed some ideas to isolate edges from whatever shape you have, so I got a boat like mesh and used the same blueprint with that rectangle plane and the water only shows up inside the boat. You will have same effect once you put the fountain.

For these nodes to work, you will need to active in the Project Settings: Generate Mesh Distance Fields

The look:


The Nodes: at the multiply comes the connection which goes to Opacity:


Basically if you move the water too far from the object the whole water disappears. To adjust the placement, just change the Distance scalar.

Good luck on your project!