Water Volume

Hello there,

currently I searching for the following:

I have a Physics-Volume for my water, the character can swimm in it and interact with it.

Now I want the waterlevel to change at runtime (tides for example), but as the waterlevel changes (so as the size of the physics-Volume) there is a huge performance impact.

I was thinking about to set the character movement-mode of the charactermovement component to “swimming”. But now my character is behaving in a wired way (sticking to the ground).

Is there a way to have movement like having a physics-volume, but without a physics volume?

Note: I use mostly the default unreal setup for my character.

You need a water volume for swimming physics…unless you write your own physics logic.

What engine version are you running? Is your water an actor class (plane, physics volume, post process etc in a class)?


currently I use a own Blueprint-Actor (Post-Process, Collision and more stuff) and a physics volume which is set as “Water Volume”

This works totally fine, but as I change the water level during the runtime (tides for example) the performance is getting very bad.

I use the engine version 4.26.1

My goal is to change the water-level in a multiplayer setup.