Water Temple - UE4 Scene - Feedback Welcome!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve just finished a UE4 Environment i’ve been working on. Please check it out and let me know what you think.


Nice work! Modeling overall looks pretty strong. An awesome environment. As for feedback I think the main area this is lacking is in your materials. Part of this could be lighting which could use some work as well but I think if you were able to push the roughness variation higher in some of these spaces you would have a more physical response selling the materials a bit better. Also some color would help this scene a lot especially in the exterior shots. Due to lighting and color you exterior shots feel kinda flat. With less even lighting and color you can sell perspective better which should make this fortress feel larger and more grand. In terms of modeling what might help in the future is modeling more of the edges of pillars and arches and stuff. Adding modeled separations in your pillars and arches like individual bricks really sells the environment and breaks the CQ feel of it. Overall pretty awesome though a lot of work done here for sure. I think with a few tweaks it could be pushed up a level. I think revisiting the lighting in some spaces may be the easiest thing to change to increase quality. If you are done with it that’s cool too I know the feeling of working on an environment for so long you are just ready to be done. I hope some of this helped!

Oh I just realized these were infinity blade assets! Well the lighting points still stand!

Thanks for the feedback! This is my first project since 2018. I took some time out so i’m rather happy with the outcome. Regarding the assets I wish I had better assets to use but the infinity blade assets didn’t look too bad in the end. In regards to lighting you’re absolutely right, my lighting skills need to improve and I’m currently learning as I go on. Also, post processing. I’m going through a few weeks of learning now i’ve completed this project and then i’m going to be creating a full level based on Rome and hopefully I can have some much better results with lighting, plus the assets will be a lot nicer which will help to show better lighting. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll take it all on board.