Water system is bugged

Just installed fresh 26 and created empty project to play with new water system.

  • ocean water sometimes just stops render. no reason. no log. (could be fixed by removing all water from project, save, relaunch editor)
  • water brush manager loses ability to generate textures. (remove all water, save, relaunch)
  • affect landscape bool works as “true - wreck map”, “false - stop render water”
  • not possible to add islands to ocean water. makes no sense
  • custom water body grestner waves produces visual artifacts like stretched waves, flickering (intended?)
  • heightmap modulation either not working at all or i have no idea. there is no docs on that

Hey Swdan,

Would you be able to provide us with a bug report if possible, please? :slight_smile: Unreal Engine Community

I too have issues with the water plugin.
At certain camera angles, tiles of the water surface are missing.
Also, there is no way to use collision and fire weapons underwater.
Without collision on the water, the underwater has no color or culling.
To build this plugin and not address these issues seems strange to me indeed.