Water Ripples


I just managed to create a river with the Spline Tool, but I was curious how to make water ripples?

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Well it turns
You’re right materials are sea waves
Well, not quite that simple, but
If you try you’ll be successful

Not sure what you mean Khazande.

In photoshop Make a few round circles with no perfect edge shape, (Greyscale). Then convert normal maps for it. Set up your material to represent water like look (with refraction), Make a P system and in that give it a life of 1-2 seconds and an emitter loop time of 1-2 seconds too. Have it’s size grow over life, Get it on your river, Done.

If you wish something more complicated like interacting with objects and players you can script that or code it trigger.

Thanks a lot DieByZer0!

You can also find some water ripples in the effect sample from epic games :wink:

I tried that, but I couldn’t get it to work when I imported in the particle system and the textures :confused: Any idea on how to fix that?

yes replace the textures and materials with the right ones.

Have you done it with the migrate button?

sometimes the migrating button doesn’t copy the new locations if it’s under a different folder structure. If someone doesn’t have the experience he cannot find and plug the right textures to the mats.

You can use radial coordinates and a attach that to a normal map or use a componentmask and a sine