Water + Ripples + Character distortion + Splashes

Finally I’ve got this in some sort of presentable state.
I noticed there aren’t a super great amount of water resources out there so I went into making my own over the last couple days.
Shout out to Chris Fauver for helping me debug my blueprints.

This may wind up going on the marketplace once it’s cleaned up some more. Let me know what you think!
Any suggestions for additions? Leave them below for discussion!


really nice and interesting !
adding rain with water ripples and splashes would be a nice addition to it !

I actually have that in another material I made recently. Now that I have a better understanding of a lot of what went into it I suppose I can look into making a better version for this new material :slight_smile: Thanks!

can you explain how did you do it?

i really would love the rain material, too !! it looks pretty amazing to me !!
can you make it so, it detects wether there is something blocking it, or not. so it only raines where it should :wink:
like a roof or some other geometry blocking it.
this would be a must have for me

keep on the good work !

Looks good but it would help to see it better without that annoying lens flare.

Unfortunately that would be a far longer video than I think I can muster at the moment. It’s a lot of stuff lol. I would have to split each feature of the material and blueprint into it’s own video. I just don’t have the time for that right now.
Maybe another time though!

I can make it vertex paintable, I can’t think of an efficient way to interpret xforms of blocking volumes in a material. Vertex paint definitely seems like the way to go!
I’ll probably add the rain material and flipbook in the same package as the water, they kind of go hand-in-hand I suppose :slight_smile:
Depending on how gung-ho I get during this weeks work I might just see about transferring my work to C++.

Very cool, rainbow missing!
But i like your char from the first video. :slight_smile:

That looks fantastic. Great job!

Can’t wait to see a tutorial of that rain scene!

your rain system has a collision system with mesh for prevent rain inside house ?


This looks fantastic! are you planing to sell it one the market? Otherwise a tutorial would be highly appreciated!

He actually made a tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dpFtqlWt1o

Very nice rendering !

I just want to know how do you create thoose ripple in the first video? Do you instance many sphere mask ?

Thank you very much