Water refraction issue

I increased the height on an area of terrain from underneath my water plane/volumes and found that the refraction effect is stuck on my landscape… Anyone have any idea how to get rid of it?

Example 1
Example 2

I’ve tried repainting the terrain, I’ve tried raising the water plane/volumes to submerge it and nothing so far works.

Halp pls. <3

Try re baking your lighting

Same here! :frowning:

How to “rebake”? What do you mean?

Here http://grab.by/JZci


I did the same and it has deleted the entire caustics from the level. Because toggeling the “movable” to static with direct lightning, disables LF_Caustics_Inst. But when you put it back, you will have back the refaction issue.

So, this problem is not solved this way. The only way i found is: raising the entire landscape on your landscape layer. Try until the refraction issue will be vanished. Then adjust the rest, if needed. Last thing I still have to do. and if it solves the problem really, then it can be voted as “solved”.

Edit: toggling “bake and stream” on and off at skylight, seems to have no impact at all regarding this issue.


Raise the landscape on the landscape layer on the Z-Axis, solves indeed the refaraction issue, but caustics are gone on the entire map. Going through the mentioned steps does not bring back the caustics. Example: My landscape was on Z:45820.0 nice caustics and bad refraction issue. Raised to Z:55820.0 –> the same. Raised to Z:65820.0 all caustics together with refraction issue are vanished.

Reducing the landscape to Z:100 brings really bad problems with the directional light. Regarding the “Fade Distance” and the “Disabled Brightness”.

Is there no solution for that issue??

I’m also having trouble on making the light caustics working below the water surface only, anyone knows where is that defined? When i put the light function on the directional light it casts all over the landscape…

Quintela, do you have an imported heightmap using?

Yes, one generated with World Machine.

Problem solved?

I guess, I have the clue!

If we are using imported heightmaps, we will ever have this water refraction issue. No matter we painted it by ourself or made it in an external program!

If we do not want water refractions, we should send a hint, that “importing heightmaps from file” has a bug. And give a wish, if it can be fixed.

Otherwise we never use the “import from file” option!:frowning:

PS: I tested it the last two weeks with several maps imported from file and made by myself!

I imported mine from a heightmap i made my self and i dont have this issue

Very interesting.

So, I can report, evereytime I imported a heightmap from file, no matter if I had painted it by myself, or did it with world machine, this issue appeared. And everytime I simply created a level and sculpted heights, I never have this issue.

So, when you say, you have not. I am lost again, what could cause this problem. I have a Please to you, uzumi18. May I have yor map - you talked about - and can have a watchover? If this issue won’t be there, it must depend with the landscape itself. And I have to learn, how to make a landscape without this issue. And if the issue of your map will appear again on my computer, I must consider, it could be because of my AMD graphic card or other hardware depending issues.

Please, let my watch your map, you talked about. Send my a PM with that file. I would be very grateful to you!

Best regards

Then again i created my landscape, exported the heightmap, edited it (by hand in photoshop) then re imported

Yes, I understood already so far.

What I need to know, are the detailed steps you did: So you created your landscape with what program and exported it? Why did you imported it to photoshop (I haven’t it, too expensive).

And another question, what grafics card you have? AMD or NVIDIA?

So, for bringing things together:

  • I painted my heightmap with GIMP. Exported it as .png and imported to “World Machine”. Edited some things, so that it appears smooth and exported it as .r16.

  • Other method was the same, except the World Machine step

In both ways, I have the water refraction issue.

PS: As you seem to be more experienced then me, I will ask you, whether you like to have a watching over my map? I will send it to you, if you will offer me this way. I am interested in, if it will be on your machine. And maybe you will see what is wrong.

No further support??

Bad … for me …

uzumi18, don’t you like to answer my questions I gave you? I know, I must get on your nerves with it. But imagine, how gets on my nerves :wink: