Water reflection reversed


I have create water effect and I have this…

What’s the problem ?


Your refraction input is a bit extreme. Try setting your ‘Opacity’ to 0.75 and your refraction to a lower value. You might want to take a look at these helpful documentation links to familiarize yourself a bit more with the physically correct material properties when working with a PBR shader, and how they are represented as numerical values.

PBR Documentation

Hello chlamy,

LunarTides is correct in his answer that your refraction input is probably a little high. You can also add more roughness to help break that up. Lastly, it appears that you applied this material to a plane which can also cause issues when looking at your water from certain angles.

Here is a link to a water shader tutorial on our wiki. Hopefully that will help clear up some of those refraction issues.

Let me know if this helps,


I have changed material like you said.

With tutorial, i have that…

I don’t have reflection now on the top, but on the bottom I have a reversed reflection too…

Hey chlamy,

Be sure the ‘Screen Space Reflections’ option is checked within your material’s properties. I am also not seeing the ‘reversed reflection’ you are reporting.

So there are a few things incorrect in your material that are probably adding to the issues you are experiencing. As a general rule of thumb when creating materials, especially advanced ones such as water, you want to start simple and add complexity slowly making sure you understand what each node is doing. This way, when it comes time to troubleshoot your material, you know exactly where to look and what values or nodes to edit.

Firstly, the normal plugged into the fresnel of your diffuse section needs to either be removed, or a transform needs to be added. Secondly, the ‘1-X’ node in your Opacity section also needs to be removed as this is flipping the depth fade. Thirdly, I would increase the refraction to a simple constant like 1.0.

Your best bet would be to follow the tutorial, provided, step by step and attempt to understand where your knowledge is limited.


Hi there im having the same problem as he, my reflections are inverted, i tryed every single turorial of water, step by step, but there is no case, please i been whit this water thing for about 3 days i dont know what else to do please help…

Hey FG Design,

So I have found the easiest way to create some simple water is to use simple constants combined with some moving normals. See the below example images from a Water Material I just created for reference.

Water Shader Example

Water Surface Example

As you can see within my material set up, I have established parameters for all of the values I will want to modify to get the right look and feel. I suggest you do the same, as this makes it easier to tweak the look to your desired water type.

You will notice I am also just using a simple constant vector for the my ‘Refraction’ input, and it works pretty well. Sometimes the simpler the better. Let me know if you have other questions.


Hey FG,

I’m experiencing the very same issue as on your water1 screenshot above.
Have you been able to come to a solution since?