Water Puddle Vertex Paint Added to My Master Material

This is a demo of the basic functionality of my liquid vertex paint section in my personal master material. Hope you like!

Looking attractive

That’s .

show a little “how you made this thing” video xD

Maybe a “HOW TO” Demo?

I am thinking of doing a tutorial series. However, this is just a small part of my main environment master material… I am considering trying to get it on the marketplace as well. If enough people want to see a breakdown I would be happy to do a quick demo! :slight_smile:

sweet man, that would be ultra helpful, showing the basics of setting something like that and just the fundamentals. Thanks

Here is the new tutorial series showing how to create the vertex painted puddles! This is just the trailer. The 2 hour tutorial series is available for purchase here.

Here is the splash page showing the contents of the download. :slight_smile:

there is no link???


I would buy their material to study here but I knew the site and confident as I know it will work my purchase I am Brazilian I am using google translator I’m sorry for any errors writing rs ^^

Is this coming to the marketplace?