water post process isnt at water level

So simply enough I am having issues with the post process system for water.

As you can see I am pretty far underwater and the post process hasn’t taken effect. (ue5 Manny mannequin for scale)

But if I go just a little deeper the post process suddenly takes effect. the post process volume seems to be hugging the landscape and I can not figure out how to raise it to water level. I am sure its some setting I overlooked but I just can’t find it, and my googling isn’t giving me anything but stuff about the ocean height or how to change the settings of the post process volume.

Post process volume scaled to the same dimensions as the water volume. Then simply align them.

Other option is to add a post process to the character class. Have it wrap the camera.
Add a collision sphere to the camera (small, centered on lens) with an overlap event. When it overlaps the water turn on the post process fx.