Water Plugin

I watched the videos on water here:
Diving Into the Depths of Water as a Feature in Unreal Engine 4.26 - YouTube
Water System Deep Dive | Inside Unreal - YouTube

I understand there is a limitation on size of WaterBodyOcean. Would it be possible to have multiple water bodies that blend together and work with world partition to unload once the player is far enough away?
I’m thinking being able to have one WaterBodyOcean per landscape would be great. That way once the player is over a landscape that is inland then there would be no reason to have the WaterBodyOcean loaded and rendered at all.
A possible option could be to have each landscape component have a true false option to have water in that component. Then have a WaterBodyModifier applied to the water within the landscape component for lakes, rivers, ext.

I have used CryEngine before which has water that stretches throughout the level by default. Is this possible to do in Unreal Engine?

Here you can see on the left I have two Landscapes for separate Islands.

(The reason I have separate islands is because of the limitation on landscape size. For now it looks like I will have to have separate landscapes for different parts of the world)

P.S. This project is just a personal fan project

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