Water plugin

Do you need to have the landmass plugin enabled for the water plugin to work? I just want to use some interactive water on mobile, having the landscape plugin crashes my app everytime I try to launch it, even if I haven’t used anything from the plugin in my app. Just having it enabled crashes my app.

can I use water from the water plugin if the landmass plugin is disabled? I’m not using any landscapes in my game anyway its tile based


turning off landmass plugin and keeping just the water plugin enabled on its own still crashes the app on iOS

running ue5 on MacOS

to any epic developers:

please start stating what works and what doesn’t on mobile. The engine is great, but for mobile it’s a complete shambles. Every new thing I add to the game, I have to test if it crashes when launching even if it works in the metal ios sm5 viewport. There is no way of knowing what will work and what wont and what is causing crashes, if it’s running sm5 on iOS, why not enable all sm5 features? there’s no documentation on the iOS version of sm5, it’s just a guessing game and has wasted months of effort on my project, so many times random things causing errors that should work because the sm5 mobile documentation is lacking.

feature request: state for every single thing what platforms it’s supported on when you hover your mouse over it, this way we can avoid running into errors on things that have no indication of being unsupported.

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