Water materials

Hello there !

I am currently working on my first tutorial which will cover some quick river creation ( will do way more water related content later )
This one will be the first one :

I also released some ocean material on gumroad :
Gumroad Link :

It’s not bad / Pozdro Polak :smiley:
Waiting for a tutorial :4 / Czekam na tutek xD

Sure thing ! I will make sure to post it here and everywhere else so that people can see it once it’s ready :wink:

Since I don’t really like my voice in the recorded video, I will add text to it along the process if people don’t mind .
It should be available soon .

That water looks great! Just as an FYI, most people don’t care for their own voices when they hear themselves speak, so don’t let that drag you down. Text is fine to go along with it, just please don’t put some crazy blaring music with it! LOL

Posted first video of the workflow for the river .
I am well aware of the weird colours and editing .

Bump to post the gumroad Ocean material link : , video with link available in first post.

That blue is so nice, I want to go swim now (though it’s winter and 4 am)