Water Material

So I see the water material is really challenging, and a lot of people are trying hard to produce a realistic water result.

I am still learning how to use UE4, and this was my first large material and post to the UE4 community, so please be easy on me, hehe.

I too was trying to figure out how I could texture and animate the water. For animation I read somewhere that you could do it with morph targets, and materials editor in UE4, but the math algorithm stuff like the ocean simulator shader that people are posting looks even more amazing then this. I couldn’t figure out how make the formulas work using FFT and what Nvdia guys did with the real-time ocean simulator. Anyways, I couldn’t understand how to get the morph targets to work in a loop while in gameplay for small non skeletal mesh assets, and in this case, I used the traditional materials editor path to achieve this water result as seen in the video. Ideally I wanted to animate with keyframes from 3ds Max, but I couldn’t find anywhere if it was at all possible. I hope this could be a feature one day soon. It will help exporting animations of regular meshes without bones.

The water was animated using the world position offset node in the materials editor. I was just experimenting how the water would look adjusting various variables, having some basic textures applied to the mesh using UE4, and i love how easy it was to setup.


You can also download this material if you want from here.
Feel free to update or modify the material as you wish, maybe post a free tutorial here and there of making something similar. These I think help us all the most.


Additional UE4 Wishlist :slight_smile:

  • Export Blueprint to JPG button with good image quality for easier sharing - sort of like a render all button used in 3ds max, in the top toolbar of UE4. This would be so nice.
  • Pack Blueprint nodes - similar to pack uv’s, compresses and aligns nodes on a tighter grid while maintaining the wire links. - Helps reduce the Zoom -13 view.

Welcome to the forums Oleg!

Thanks for sharing!

Looks really good!

I really like the coloring you chose :slight_smile:



I really appreciate your share,bro;It’s so useful!!!

Awesome work GameDev! I always seem to be fascinated by the water material projects that this community creates and shares. Great job!

I wish to say this would be the best water material I have seen so far and I am even a noob with UDK 4 my self. I have only one problem with installing the package with my project. I have un zipped the file and tried to import the package to my project and I get a message that tells me that it is not divisible by 2 or what that means and imports it to a normal map, well 32 normal ones any way. When I try to use the material like I would any other material, I get nothing but a blank floor material. What am I doing wrong or how do I install it correctly to use it? Please help! Thanks! :smiley:

Error Message:

Water_Mat.jpg is not a power of two. Non power of two textures are never streamed and have no mipmaps. Proceed?

Great work, sad to see that this post was his first & last.

I downloaded it but how do I actually add it into the game? It won’t let me drag the files into content browser, please help?

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet (your post is almost a year old, neeeecropoooost), it has to do with the texture not having a 512x512|1024x1024 or a power of two size, which screws up the mip mapping (laying out the texture tiles). Once you resize it to one of those sizes, it should work fine.

I really, really hope you had already found out about this :slight_smile:

Good work Oleg! Looking good!

Im new to Unreal 4.19

How do you import the material to Unreal, i already tried by draging the folder to my Project, but files wont show, also tried to import materials to Unreal 4.19 and i cant.

Please help