Water Container

im trying to make a water container you can drink from and fill things like water skins and jars from.

Ive got a well and used the blueprints from ark watertank and watertap but fail with one o the other, could someone show me in the right direction on how to get this to work or how i can make my own blueprint to get my mesh model to be able to be drank from ect

dose anyone know how i can achieve this ?

Sure, which are you making? The water tap or the well?

Well, they are sort of the same in terms of making one. We’ll use the TAP as the example. Change TAP to TANK for the Water Tank.

Start with Searching the Core Files for the TAP.

The ones we’ll need are:
I used the ones in the ()'s - be sure to drag one of each of these to your Mod Folder.

the Engram Entry (EngramEntry_StonePipeTap)
the Primal Structure (PrimalItemStructure_StonePipeTap)
the Actual Item (WaterTap) - It’s the one that actually has the picture
the Primal Inventory (PrimalInventoryBP_Tap) - not needed if you’re not controlling the Inventory in some new way.
a New Static Mesh (Something you want the new item to look like) - not needed if you’re reusing the old look, you’ll need to import this.

The Engram

In here you’re simply deciding what level the player must be and how many Engram Points are needed to LEARN this Engram.
Change the Blue Print Entry to point at your NEW PrimalItemStructure.
You can flavor text the Description as you see fit.
IF your new item requires them to LEARN an ENGRAM before it, you can set that in the Engram Requirement Sets.

The Primal Item Structure

These can look daunting, but really most of the information is not relevant to this type of item.
Things we can change are:

Descriptive Name Base
Item Description
Base Item Weight
Blueprint Time to Craft
Base Crafting and Repairing XP
Base Crafting Resources Requirements (What it takes to MAKE your item and how much of each)
Item Icon (the picture of it in your inventory/engram/etc.)
Item Quantity (how many are made when you craft it)
Max Item Quantity (the amount per stack)
Structure to Build (This points to the ACTUAL ITEM from before)
Crafting Requires Inventory Component (Only needed if the player can’t craft this anywhere from the inventory crafting menu - I’d leave and/or make this None for now)
Default Folder Paths (Used with Inventory Crafting above - it’s the little folders the player opens to get to the item when crafting)

The Actual Item
This is where we tell the game what meshes to use, how large they are and other important information. Once again, IMPORTANT Items are Underlined.

Static Mesh (If you are going to change the look, here is where you do that)
Crafting Subtract Connected Water (If you refill something in here, feed a crop, etc. It takes from the attached tank - if there is one)
Drinking Water (Check if the player can drink from here)
Consumes Primal Item Point this to the PrimalItemStructure you’re using. If not set properly, it won’t place.
Snap Points (where does this attach to other items at? Important if you’re an actual attached item to a pipe or something else)
Descriptive Name
Destroyed Mesh (this is what the item looks like when destroyed, these can get VERY BIG if your item isn’t optimized for it. They are made by Right clicking your Static Mesh and choosing “Create Destructible Mesh”)
Pickup Gives Item (This is needed if the player can PICK UP the item after placing. Simply point it back to the Primal Item Structure Blueprint if needed)

If you are using a custom Inventory Blueprint, click on COMPONENTS while editing the Actual Item.
You’ll see the PrimalInventoryBlueprint along with other components in a list on the left.
You’ll need to delete the old inventory, and ADD COMPONENT and then choose your new Inventory Blueprint.
While you’re in the components, you can change how and where the Activated Emitter looks and feels.

Those are the basics. I’m not covering EVERY single item in each blueprint, as many are defaults you should leave alone and others don’t apply.
I also didn’t get into how the inventory system works or the emitters. They can take up a whole conversation alone each.

thanks - the issue i had with the water tap was the collision mesh wouldn’t work - always walk through it like the tap itself. and the water tank couldn’t be drank from and broke anything placed in its inventory.