Water animation freezes after a second

I’m trying to make a little fountain (not that advanced) and I want water in it that moves around, I’ve tried 2-3 different tutorials, I’ve gotten somewhat ok results on the animation.
The problem is that the animation of the water literally freezes after one second I’ve moved my camera.
I don’t know the best way to explain this but it’s like the water animation has a 1 second duration and then it just freezes, and the only way to “refresh” the duration, is by moving my camera/vision around or being in movement, but as soon as I stop, the water stops.
And I’ve done EXACTLY what the tutorials has said but still this happens, I haven’t touched any other settings within the project so I don’t know why this is happening…
I’m not that experienced with Unreal Engine 4 so this isn’t a problem that I can solve just like that.

Does this sound familiar in any way?
Please help me.

Do you mean inside the editor? Is it because you’ve turned off realtime view (CTRL+R)?

That’s all I can think of, right now.