Watches never actually showing me value while debugging

Started playing around with UE4 in the past week, things are going ok, but I keep running into the same issue that’s just making things far more difficult than they need to be, and I’ve been completely unable to find any info on it.

All I want, is that when I’m debugging a blueprint and hit a breakpoint, I can inspect what values exist.

I know about watches. Problem is, they never seem to work. Two scenarios:

I set up a breakpoint, play, hit the breakpoint, then set a watch on any of the pins on the node that the breakpoint is on. I go check the blueprint debugger, and I see my watch, but instead of a value, it says “execution not paused” (I mean… it totally is. That’s what a breakpoint is for).

I set up a breakpoint, put a watch on any of the pins on that node, play, hit the breakpoint. Then I check the blueprint debugger, see the watch, and now it says “no debug data”.

I’ve tried googling and can find absolutely nothing on any of these.

There’s no way debugging is that broken in a commercial engine like this, so I’m sure I must be missing something real simple, but for the life of me, I just cannot find any information on this anywhere.