Watch Values - out of scope?


Im trying to “Watch Values” in my blueprint but most of the I get the “out of scope” message, I would love to know why and also what that means. Im not a programer and on top of that Im also new to the whole blueprint thing :))

/ “relying on other peoples brains” :slight_smile:

Sorry, this could be my bad. What do you mean “Watch Values”.

Can you show any code so we can help.

(not sure my replay got through so I will write it again:)

Sorry Im on the train and can’t access the code, but I think I could explain it better.
If I rightClick some of the variables i get a choice to “watch values” in a dropdown meny. With that chosen i will get a nice little box telling me the value residing inside that variable, which is great, but some of the variables won’t show the box cause they are “out of scope”.


I could be wrong, but it sounds like a reference issue. or the type of Variables you

Are they different Variables like some are INT and some are BOOL for example

Or are like Actors classes or something along those lines.

the blueprint works, i don’t get any errors but I don’t like the result I get, so I want to understand what values are getting pushed through my variables. If I would work this in C++( and Im very bad at that) I would try to print the values.


Print string & Append may help you with that

will give it a go :slight_smile:


I too have this issue. Most of the variables show not in scope message.

Make sure the Debug Filter (next to eject) is set to the instance of the blue print that you want to watch. It defaults to the base blue print. But each you spawn the bp in the level it becomes an instance of that bp. If you are spawning your blueprint at runtime pause the editor
after play, then set the debug filter to the right instance , then set up your watch values and breaks.