Watch to Train about Camera TP/FP

Hi guys! I’m new to UE and I’m learning it with a plan to build a MMO RPG like SKYRIM or REVELATION ONLINE. The main reason for selecting UE was it’s user interface which I liked much! And ya it have lots of passionate buddz :smiley:
I am already adopting a tuts in utube about HOW TO MAKE A RPG in UE.** I want to learn more about camera control, movement etc because I want to make a game which would have as smooth camera toggle like SKYRIM ( i.e you press a button which keeps zooming untill a distance and it goes into players eyes and reverse with another key) . The FP Cam should offer the real vision through the character’s eye i.e like when there is an animation where the character is going do a spin kick the FP cam should show the spinn vision from the eyes of the player. On other hand, I already saw two posts in forum about animations and fp and I’m ready to modify as well as create animations that can work with FP. This is a very important point for me because I never liked the first person view of SKYRIM, it never follows the real thing.**

Finally, the type of game I 'm thinking to make will take thousands of hours and ya I know it. If the thing I want to learn is already made and you want to share it for free or with some $$$ then do trade it to me, I’ll be happy to get in touch with you! Making a game is a very big project already and I do want to have good passionate friends with me as a team.