Watch doesnt work inside of a function library

I have quite a complex maths spread across few functions inside of the Blueprint Function Library, but I can’t run any watch in it.

Meanwhile watch is working fine inside of the Level Blueprint (see screenshot attached). I built the whole thing myself, so I can’t think of any obscure setting being switched or something…

Anyone ever had this problem? Any clue how can I get my watches work?

ps. there are no debug filters to choose from.

Bump, pretty please?

You also can’t test anything in macro libraries either.

It seems the visual debugging only works in actor blueprints that can exsist in game. I could be wrong, and hopefully I am, but I kinda lost hope on that part. I tried everything myself but it seems it’s just not there.

Oh… that’s… really bad. I’ll probably copy what I can into actor blueprint and debug it there, but it really looks like a bug in UE more than anything else. If there’s a watch available - it should be working. They should either disable the option, or - better yet - make the watch working.