Wasted screen space in/above the new World Outliner

Basically what’s on the image.

  • The main toolbar has mostly empty space to the left of “Settings”, taking it away vertically from the World Outliner/Details. It could be moved to align with the right edge of the viewport instead with still plenty of space to spare on 16:9.
  • The 5 World Outliner uses more space for the same amount of information.


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The wasted space is because of the scene name tab (which is the most useless info while working). It could be moved in the toolbar or elsewhere (in the bottom bar, in the world outline tab, etc)

It’s getting worse in Preview 2, with an outrageously new Pin column added, which is an even rarer use case. The first two columns can neither be resized down nor scrolled out of view, severely competing display estate with object names and types.

Well if I have any idea, the first two columns can be moved to the right side, as they are secondary info and can be covered without affect editing most of the time. And each column or the Outliner itself can well be made horizontally scrollable.

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