WASD to Move 3rd Person Camera Around an Actor


I have a Pawn with a “Spring Arm” and a “Camera” attached. Works great for 360 degree viewing. I also have an invisible box that spawns which the Camera attaches to and follows. Also works great. I am using “InputAxis MoveForward” to move the “Invisible Box” along the X axis. This works, but I want the box to rotate based off my camera direction. This way, my Camera will move like in a Strategy Game where WASD moves your camera and whatever direction your camera is facing, that is the forward direction. How is this done?

If I do not use an invisible box and use “AddActorLocalOffset” on my pawn, The actor will go up or down as well as in the right direction. I can’t figure out how to constrain it from moving up and down. So I made an invisible box to follow.