WASD movement not working

Hi, I’m very new to Unreal Engine and C++, I’m hoping someone can help me understand where I’m going wrong with this 10-minute tutorial:…H2NdS9&index=2

It seems pretty straightforward but after inputting the code and following all the directions my WASD movement isn’t working like the end result, nothing is happening at all when I press them. I’ve triple-checked my coding in Visual Studio has no errors and that I didn’t skip any steps, and although it appears my mouse movement works fine in play mode, I did note that she says press and move the mouse for camera rotation, while mine just moves without clicking. There isn’t much in the blueprints for my character since she’s using C++, I’d prefer not to switch over to just working in blueprints if possible since I’m very curious as to why hers is working and mine isn’t, but ultimately I just want it to work I guess. I’ve also tried moving the character around in the scene to ensure it’s not meshed/being obstructed by anything but still nothing happens.

Any help or ideas would be really appreciated!