Wasabi Horizon! A blueprint only puzzle/reflex tap like game

Hello UE4 forum community!

As a team of two, I’ve been working hard alongside a friend to create a game for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. The fruits of our work is Wasabi Horizon, a game made completely in Blueprint where you draw a path on the screen for young Wasabi to take, while avoiding obstacles and drawing above enemies. Once your path is complete, Wasabi will take to the skies, flying in the directed path until he runs into an enemy, after which you must wait for the signal to attack. If you succeed he continues on his way, if you fail… well…

Wasabi is still a work in progress and we’re hoping to fine tune and add a lot of new features before the end of the next two months but for the contest we’ve released a “demo” of sorts for our submission and you can try it out here.


And hey, if you like it give us a vote! It’d be much appreciated! :smiley:

As my very first game and my very first attempt at using a powerful game engine, I want to reach out to you guys for any tips, tricks, advice, and over-all input on what I can do or should do. I’m hoping to compile all data for future projects.

Thank you,

Alex Batista