Was the bsp brush tool dropped in 4.14.1?

I just got back into UE and realized between version 4.10 and 4.14 the bsp tool disappeared. Has it been replaced by the static mesh tool?

It was replaced with the Geometry tool, pretty sure it just changed names. Functionality is still there and everything, if this is what you mean.


This threw me off as well whenever I first noticed it.

It’s changed names a couple of times. When the editor was first released in 2014 it was Geometry. Later it went to BSP, which is more familiar with those who used UE3/UDK, and now back to Geometry. Functionality is still the same, though. :wink:

for new users, BSP means nothing. Geometry is a more meaningful name, and reflects the name of the tools to edit them with are called geometry tools since UE3/UDK and probably before that.