Warriors of the North - School Project

Warriors of the North
4 Phase Under Development Project
School Project (TCC) - FECAP

  • We are working on WOTN, its our main project, as the final act for our Technical Game Development Course.

  • The game is a Hack and slash with some RPG elements, set in a fantasy nordic inspired era.

  • We are working hard to deliver the best content possible :slight_smile:

Phase 1 - Combat

  • prototype footage - Pre-Alpha:

  • Combat Goals:
  • Create Hack and Slash Basic System.
  • Create a Shield and Weapons Modular System to fit to the player gameplay style.
  • Create a basic command System using the mouse keys, and a complex combo system using the Combo Key (Ctrl) + the basic command keys.
  • Create different Enemies with different behaviors.

Phase 2 - Level Design

  • prototype footage - Pre-Alpha:

  • Level Design Goals:
  • Create a entire scene using just 1 level.
  • Create a good nordic and lonely feeling using the game assets.
  • Create Stunning scenes inspired but artic areas.


Warriors of the North Teaser

  • We made this trailer to show our Game Scene 90% ready and just a glimpse of the main boss and enemies, we hope you like it!