Hey all!

My team and I are working on a fantasy platformer, WarriOrb. The game is focused on exploration and platforming.

Check out our steam page!

You can find more information in our official site:
We also have a discord channel.

Let us know what you think about the game so far!

Looks really cool!

I’m excited. It looks captivating

The game looks really cool indeed!
Keep us updated with new developments and most of all, when you release it.

Moreover, I was curious to know how large is your team; how many people are currently working on this title?

Thank you for your interest - I’ll make sure to update the thread as the development goes on.
We plan to release it in Q1 2019, but nothing is carved into stone yet.

Our current team size is 4 and finally all of us works on the game full time. I wrote a bit more about the team and development history in my first blog post.

Currently we are reworking the lighting in the game (just switched from full dynamic lighting to baking), redesigning a few areas and implementing some missing features like display settings and save slots for our next closed test session.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Looks very fun! I like the art style and the overall look of it.

Thanks for the link and the explanation.
I’ll follow the development, and in the meantime all my best wishes!

Thanks for sharing this and keep up the excellent work on what you guys are doing! It’s a great inspiration for aspiring developers as well, wish you all nothing but success!

Thanks for the comments! It means a lot to us.

Back when we started the engine stored the lightmaps in the map file so it could not be excluded from source control, and we were working in different locations with terrible and ridiculously unstable internet… which made us use dynamic lights only. Now that most of us works in the same room and the engine saves the lightmap into a different file we could also switch to light baking.

Here are some comparison images for the old dynamic lighting and the new work in progress system. Some people said the game was too dark, we try to fix that a bit via the light baking. It is also a huge performance boost, so it’s definitely worth it.

  1. Old Image (dynamic only):

  1. New image (baked lights):

  1. Old Image (dynamic only):

  1. New image (baked lights):

I just wrote an article about our player character with a few gif-s.

We are looking for testers! If you are interested PM me for steam key.

New trailer:

(First post is also modified).

We just published a short demo of 6-8 hours, you can get it from!

New gameplay video: