Warrior Path

working on a sidescroller ,the player side will continue exploring to the right if is able to overpower the enemy, however the player will lose the game if the enemy reaches the left side of the screen and enters your humble kingdom.
Test 1.0 is very basic, more characters, items, armor, and stuff to come.

Test 2.0
—Changes—Test 2.0—

50% Chance for enemies to drop items

Single attack

Faster attack speed on both sides

Start with 2.5 gold (10 basic units)

-Weapon Thrower Unit Added

-spawns faster

-variation and level increased
by zone explored

-Scimitar skeleton added

-Zombie character added (wip)

///Upcoming possible Changes///
*potions, either removed or chaged
effect (increased duration or
permanent buff)

*Item store (weapon, armor, potions and more)

*fast forward button

2.0 test youtube video:

download pre alpha :

any suggestions, comments, request, ideas and more feel free to write me a message!