Warping the character model during animation

Hello everyone,

My name is in Unreal Engine, I have been developing for 4 months, you can say that I am a beginner. I have a problem that I do not know how to solve on the Internet and I did not find anything on the forums. The problem is that when the animation is played, the character model starts to warp.
I added Greystone to my project and I want to add roll animation to it, I think I did everything right, but the problem remains unsolved. I ask everyone to help, maybe someone has already encountered this problem. I would be grateful for your help)))

The roll animation is probably using Root motion and the bone is scaling.
there may be a setting when enabling root motion to prevent scaling. Can’t recall tbh. Usually something you deal with once and forget about until you have issues again.

From my observation, the upper body moves according to the animation and the lower body appears. If you look at the animation in the editor, then everything is fine, it plays well, but not in the game. Can you describe in more detail how you can influence bone change,
maybe I’m wrongly assigning a group for animation (at the moment there is Full Body)