Warped Mesh in Animation

I have my Blender 3D mesh almost importing into Unreal Engine 4.92.
I use the 3rd person template, and the mesh imports just fine.
I retarget the Mannequin’s third person idle animation for my character, and again, all seems fine except
the lower arms and hands are warped.
Here’s what it looks like…

Here’s the out-of position bone.
You can see how the lower arm bone is outside the mesh. It looks as though the hand
hierarchy is not being affected by the animation data. But I do have it weight mapped to the bones of the hand. When I adjusted the relative size of the lower arm and hand bones, the warp always takes place where the two join.

Can anyone suggest what could be wrong, or what I could do to fix it?

the animation works fine, other than the hand-warp and the character being embedded in the floor up to her ankles. That’s easy enough to fix by lowering my root bone in the original mesh, I think.

Here read through this -

I think you need to change some settings. Search through the documentation on retargeting till you find the “Retarget Adjustments” section. You will probably need to set the Bone Translation on the specific bones to Recursively Set Translation Retargeting Skeleton.