Warp boards (like in Minecraft) for teleporting...is it possible?

Hey guys, I’m new to this whole thing but I’d really love to give it a shot. I’m just curious if one of my ideas would even be possible before I spent countless hours trying to do so. What I could like is something like warp boards that were implemented in Minecraft… i.e you right click on them and they teleport you to another location - kind of like how beds allow you to fast travel, but without losing your inventory.



Yes. /10char


As Woeful said, absolutely yes.
To give you something to start with: For teleporting there is a Teleport node for the blueprint graph, you could create a custom structure with a custom use or MultyEntry wheel to call it

Someone made teleportation arrows as soon as the ADK was released, so yes. You simply need to make a graph that accesses the players position and the positions of the boards and change the players position.

Warning though, depending where people put them and face the boards, players will be placed inside of trees/rocks/hills or even spawned under the world and then left to fall and die in the kill volume. So you will need to either do a lot of testing, or simply making an object a player will be able to place down that they are teleported ONTO.

it is possible, someone has made the stargate mod for that kind of thing :wink: