Warnings/STAT Commands and Onscreen editor messages not showing up

Hi all.

I’m trying to monitor CPU/GPU performance, but no STAT Commands are working when I type them into the console. No warnings (lighting rebuilds, FPS, etc) or prints (although I can see them being printed to the output log) work as well.

The Show Stats option is ticked on and I typed the “ENABLESCREENMESSAGES” into the CMD, but even then, no messages appeared.

I also removed the Configs folder in case there was something hidden there, but to no avail.

Worth noting that it does work in other projects, but I can’t afford to migrate this project to another one.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there @Portine! Welcome back to the community! After you entered ENABLESCREENMESSAGES does the output show the enable to be succeessful? LogEngine: Onscreen warngins/messages are now ENABLED

No editor messages are making it through at all? Could you have a plugin running that suppresses the messages?

Thanks for your reply!
It does show the output:


I tried disabling most external plugins but with no success, so far.

So, I found the solution.

My project is VR and I don’t really know when it started, but once I deactivated the ‘SimpleHMD’ plugin, the warnings/prints/stats began working again.

Hope this helps someone eventually!

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