Warning when running a dynamic instance "highlight" effect on raycast

Hello forum,

I am attempting to raycast to tagged objects in-game and drive an exposed variable for a fresnel material effect on those objects. I am using the FPS starter for this, with some modifications to the character BP, which triggers the variable on another BP.

(Edit) The goal is to highlight an object when aiming at it, passively, without using post processing volumes.

I run an EventTick with a LineTrace by Channel, which does a check for a mesh and enables/disables the glow on it, using 2 sub-functions.

One of the sub-functions (Enable Glow) is throwing warnings when in-game. As far as I could tell it’s not crashing the game, but they do add up the longer you play.

The circled nodes are referenced in the error log when I exit

It cycles through the same 4 nodes.

Is there a better/smarter way of doing this? Not sure where I am off here…


I’m guessing that the error messages are arising out of situations in which the trace is hitting an actor that does not have any component with the ‘Destructible’ tag. So it would be best if you add an Is Valid node after the ‘GET’ node and continue the execution flow only if true. This will ensure that the material updates happen only when you have the required component, and should hopefully get rid of the error messages.

Yup, that worked! Thanks!