Warning when importing Megascan surfaces

Hi when I download a megascan surface there comes up a warning about the Rougness and Displacement texture samples as Linear Color.

I get that the texture I assign (In this case imported from Megascan Bridge) is in the wrong colorspace/compression/wrong format

Iv changed the the sampler type to Linear Color

Iv read different topics how to fix it but cant find an overall solution how to make it right .

Some people have written the problem accurs caause of export settings in bridge and how Unreal unpack the textures.

  • So what would the default way be to fix this. Should I download in Jpeg 8 bit or Png 18bit or 16bit or exr 32bit ?

Second some ppl say I need to fix it in Unreal in the compression settings. The deafualt from Megascan I got was Alpha(no sRGB, BC4 on DX11)
In some threads IV read they say I need to change this to mask(no sRGB)

With testing the warning goues away if I use 127 default Grey as texture, however when using a downloaded texture from Megascan bridge and use it the warning pops up. So it seemed to be problem with the texture I get from bridge. So how to fix this :smiley: