Warning: UI Min (0.001) >= UI Max () for Ranged Numeric

LogPropertyNode:Warning: UI Min (0.001) >= UI Max () for Ranged Numeric

What does this mean exactly? Is there any way to find out what is causing this warning? It’s starting to flood my output log a bit.

At a guess I’d say that you have a blueprint node that supports a range, and you’ve inadvertently set the minimum value as being larger than the maximum.

Thats been my guess too, but why doesnt it tell me WHICH blueprint is causing the issue?

Launcher version 4.6.1.

Looks like they added something to help locate it in the ‘promoted’ build on github:

UE_LOG(LogPropertyNode, Warning, TEXT("UI Min (%s) >= UI Max (%s) for Ranged Numeric property %s"), *UIMinString, *UIMaxString, *Property->GetPathName());

Thats in SPropertyEditorNumeric.cpp .
Which version of the editor are you using at the moment?

Right, that would explain it.

‘promoted’ branch is basically 4.7 preview at the moment.