Warning Trying to simulate physics on ''.....ProceduralMesh'' but it has ComplexAsSimple collision

Hi guys.

I’ve been banging my head on my desk trying to find a solution to this problem and google hasn’t turned up with anything.

I’ve got an actor that only contains only a ProcedualMesh Component and the construction script to create a simple box mesh but after enabling physics and gravity in the details panel it falls through the floor and generate the following warning in the message log:

Warning Trying to simulate physics on ''/Game/PhysicsTestPrototype/UEDPIE_0_TestLevel.TestLevel:PersistentLevel.02MeshTest_3438.ProceduralMesh'' but it has ComplexAsSimple collision.

The bool for Create Collision is checked and as far as I can see there isn’t an easy way of changing collision complexity in the blueprint editor, leaving me stumped.

Chances are I’m missing something obvious.

Anyone else had this problem?

Have you tried to turn this option off? Select your Procedural mesh component and go to details panel.


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I have the same issue as OP, and based on my knowledge of this issue, Maico’s suggestion is unfortunately not a good one.
If one is generating a mesh procedurally, it will not have a baked in complex collision mesh. (because it was not imported through the fbx mesh import system, it was generated by an algorithm, or player input)

Therefore the only solution I know of currently is to, “Use Complex as Simple Collision” and turn off whatever functionality you have that is attempting to use complex collision. *Unless there is some way (or some way added in the future) to dynamically add complex collision to a procedural mesh or to drive simulated collision using an event-based system.

where can I find this on my static mesh? I click on it but I can’t find this option anywhere in my details panel