Warning Trying to simulate physics on ".." But it has ComplexCollisionAsSimple

Hi guys!

I’d thought I’d take a break from my actual project today and just play around with some physics.

I downloaded a set of FBX’s with a pool table, some balls, etc and noticed that my ball was bouncing around a bit… looking at the mesh it had a rather simplified collision mesh, and so I selected the “ComplexCollisionAsSimple” option where it uses the mesh itself (seems appropriate for pool balls!).

However, collisions then cease to occur and afterwards the editor gives me the following error for each ball:

“Warning Trying to simulate physics on ‘’/Game/StarterContent/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Minimal_Default.Minimal_Default:PersistentLevel.EightBall.Mesh’’ but it has ComplexAsSimple collision.”

How do I go about finding the cause of this and/or fix it?

Thanks in advance!

I believe the is some tick box in PHaT or the static mesh viewer/editor that is called something along the lines of “complex collision as simple”.


Hi there,

Yes there is - I specifically chose the option in the mesh viewer to turn it on (I’d rather it do it using the mesh rather than a collision mesh).

However, when I turn it on… it stops simulating with the errors in my original post.

Thanks :slight_smile: