Warning: texture Albedo samples as Linear Color

Trying to figure out why these warnings are popping up in my materials panel, referencing me AO, Albedo, Roughness, and Specular textures in all my Material Instances:

I don’t know at what point they appeared, though I have been gradually updating my master material in places when I’ve needed more uses.

I thought from what I’d read that this warning comes up when sRGB is UNCHECKED on a texture detail like an Albedo. All the sRGB boxes are currently checked and always haven been. When I uncheck them, the error goes away, but the Albedo loses color.

You need to set the correct sampler type in your master material for AO, roughness, etc.
Linear Color in your case. Albedo should be Color.

Cheers, thanks for the clarification!

I’m still getting warnings on the AO Roughness and Specular however…

I’m using a default grey texture “127 grey” I found in the engine content as a placeholder for the default in the texture parameter, and it wants to set itself as Linear Color, which is consistent with what you’re saying…

So why would I still be getting the warning? Should it be linear greyscale instead of linear color? Because that gives me an actual error if I try it with 127 grey.

You would get a warning if in your instance you’re using a texture that is supposed to use a different sampler type. What texture are you trying to use in your instance? Is it packed texture?
Unticking sRGB for your AO, roughness and specular should fix it.

I would suggest you download Megascans pack from the Marketplace (it’s free) and see how the materials are setup.

Well, yes, you can set it up to whatever you want. The proper way would be to pack AO, roughness and specular in one texture. It’s a great optimization technique.

Thank you so much, I’ll open that up. I’m remembering the UE lessons on this now.

Quick quick follow up if you have time:
In my AO, Roughness, and Specularity textures’ “Compression settings” tabs, I presume I can set them to “Grayscale” since they’re only black and white?
And then in my master material I can set their sampler type to Linear Greyscale?

and thanks again for replying, I’ve had a number of questions on here that just never get replies.

thanks, I went into the MS default material and got some other answers too. Good suggestion
yeah I wanted to do that when I first started, however only until a few days ago Quixel’s bridge and mixer had errors exporting channel packed textures to Mac clients. They’re recent update last week fixed this issue, but frankly I dont want to have to go back now and have to update all the instances! #lazy